Beverage: Fuel for Function – Imbibe Explains How the Beverage Market is Getting Personal(ized)

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woman grocery shops, looks at drink labelToday’s new drinks need to do more to connect with consumers on multiple levels. Don’t look now but things are getting personal(ized) in the beverage market. A look at new product trends makes it clear that new drink offerings address three consumer priorities: personalized health and wellness, mindful spending, and a quest for alignment between the brand and consumer values. Here’s a look at each one.

Personalized Health and Wellness

When it comes to overall health, traditional approaches—such as consuming an “apple-a-day” or taking a daily multivitamin—are no longer sufficient. Modern consumers have moved beyond general health, as seen with the 27.5% year-over-year decline in generic health claims in social discussions (Tastewise, 2024). Instead, they’re seeking functional products tailored to their specific personal needs.

More specifically, people look for products that not only address physical well-being but also enhance emotional and mental states. One area where this has been apparent is the growing awareness of the gut-brain connection and its effect on thoughts, mood, and overall health. This is shifting consumer expectations beyond physical needs.

While hydration and recovery have been long-standing market focus areas, brands continue to branch out. More new products incorporate ingredients that address other need states—such as sleep, mood, anti-stress, focus, memory, mental agility, healthy aging, and gut health.

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