Fluid Situation: How Consumer Behavior is Influencing the Beverage Market

Younger generations continue to evaluate products via more dimensions than ever before. In fact, taste and compelling packaging may not be enough to maintain consumer interest. Rather, shoppers [...]

Taste the Difference

Consumer palates are becoming more adventurous and sophisticated. The holistic health and wellness movement has been a key driver in evolving flavor preferences because consumers are more willing [...]

Q&A with Elizabeth Sisel, Imbibe Inc.

Prepared Foods: What trends do you see involving natural sugar and options such as honey, coconut sugar or beet sugar?   Elizabeth Sisel: From a beverage development viewpoint, so much comes down [...]

Imbibe Looks at Beverage Sweetening Solutions

Finding the sweet spot for taste, texture and nutritional profile is a challenge for beverage brands because consumer sentiments about desired product attributes are changing faster than ever. [...]

Next-Gen Beverages Offer Better-for-You Benefits, Sensory Appeal

The adage, “let thy food be thy medicine,” may be more than 2,000 years old, but the concept has been gradually impacting the beverage industry during the last decade. Health and wellness [...]

Imbibe’s Top 10 Beverage Trends to Watch in 2020

Consumer expectations are a fast-moving target that influence innovation within the beverage industry. Brands must be extremely nimble and respond quickly to trends with new or improved products. [...]

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