Food and drink: What’s on the menu for immune support?

Immune support has been on the public radar a lot lately—for reasons that, at this point, are so obvious as not to need restating. But what’s impossible to understate is the extent to which [...]

#Trendspotting: Energy Edition

Imbibe releases its top 5 beverage trend predictions for 2021

Imbibe (Niles, IL) released its top five U.S. beverage trend predictions for 2021. According to Imbibe, the number one driver of food and beverage trends in 2021 will be COVID-19, with products [...]

Weight loss, relaxation shaping beverage trends

Beverages that promote health and wellness, escapism and value will be in the spotlight next year, according to Imbibe. The Chicago-based beverage development company’s trend predictions are [...]

COVID-19 cuts into away-from-home beverage sales

The bottled water category was enjoying a decade-long streak of increasing sales. Diet soft drinks were making a comeback. Then COVID-19 struck, leaving the beverage industry wondering how long [...]

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