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Superior Taste Solutions

After screening and vetting hundreds of ingredients in search of solutions to our own development challenges, we realized we needed to create our own tools to meet the needs of our developers and our hundreds of clients. We are opening up this toolbox that contains our best and most universal ingredients to support other R&D teams in their development.

We are constantly innovating and exploring the next generation of ingredients to help our customers deliver quality products without compromise and expect our toolbox ingredients to grow as market needs evolve.

Our current portfolio includes a suite of taste modulation technologies and a proprietary stevia so you can create better-for-you and optimized food and beverages that consumers will love!

Modulates sweetness perception and amplifies characterizing flavors to round out your flavor profile.

Recreate the perception of mouthfeel lost in alt-dairy applications.

Mask unwanted taste attributes and off-notes that are common with high-intensity sweeteners, functional ingredients, and plant-based ingredients.

Deliver sweetness without compromising on taste or nutrition.

Why Imbibe Ingredients?

Our ingredients perform well across beverage categories, formats, and applications. Whether you are trying to improve the flavor of your base, improve the sweetness profile of your product, or build a taste modulation system into your formula, there’s a tool for taste optimization for you.

Clean Tasting​
Off-notes are a common challenge with natural, non-nutritive sweeteners and taste modulation technologies, but ours deliver a clean finish.

Our tools ensure that product developers of all experience levels can identify and achieve the optimal flavor, sweetness, nutritional, and sensory experiences for their products. Additionally, we are happy to provide additional support through product demos and application instructions.

Label Friendly​
The Senses™ are listed “Natural Flavor(s)” and Pre/Sense™ Stevia is listed as “Stevia Leaf Extract” on ingredient statements. These ingredients are not bioengineered and may support a variety of popular claims including Halal, Kosher, Organic, and Non-GMO.

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