Imbibe Launches Epicurated, a Flavor Trend and Insight Presentation Series

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girl and boy enjoy a beverage flavor as they drink from straws in a shared bottle smiling

Imbibe, an industry-leading ingredient supplier and product development company in the food, beverage, and dietary supplements industry, announced the launch of its flavor trend and insight presentation series: Epicurated (a combination of Epicurean + Curated to reinforce thoughtful selections and flavor recommendations coming from the Imbibe team). The series was developed to help brands identify the best flavors for their applications.

Epicurated provides unique and compelling perspectives and consists of four topics released quarterly throughout 2024 including Gen Alpha, Food Service, Sports Nutrition, and Alcohol-inspired. Spotlighting ten flavors per release, these presentations provide insight into consumer behaviors and flavor trends, named thematically.

One example, Squeeze the Day, identifies juice as one of the flavor categories commonly sought out by Gen Alpha, highlighting an opportunity for juice-inspired flavors in other market segments hoping to attract these consumers. These presentations also include finished products for the audience to experience the flavors first-hand, while supporting more confidence in decision-making and helping brands tailor innovation and build loyalty.

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