Flavor trends fueling beverage innovation

Extended members of the Jelly Belly Candy Co. family, Fairfield, Calif., gathered on Mother’s Day 2019 for a celebratory brunch. The beverage menu included flavored sparkling waters, which were [...]

The Sunny Side of Life

In the Beach Boys’ tropical-inspired hit “Kokomo,” the song’s lyrics extol the virtues of a “tropical drink melting in your hand” and “falling in love to [...]

Toasting Drinks Creativity

On flavors and health ingredients to watch out for… “Local true-to-fruit flavors like lemon, lime and orange will always be popular. But many brands are adding a global twist by [...]

The tastes forecast to trend in 2019

Flavors associated with health, nature, adventure and nostalgia are slated to trend in 2019. The flavors identified by developers and marketers capture trending tastes, but also the mood of the [...]

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