What’s big in beverages? Health, innovation and sustainability

 In Beverage Daily, Press

What’s driving the beverage industry forward into 2018? Here, we take a look at the biggest trend in the industry – and how they can be expected to develop.

1) Health and wellness

We all know that consumers are increasingly conscious about health and wellness. But what exactly does that mean for beverages?

In soft drinks it means reformulation to reduce sugar or remove artificial ingredients, developments in natural sweeteners (take for example Coca-Cola’s revelation last month that it will introduce a coke sweetened entirely by stevia), and functional or fortified beverages to add value to products (Imbibe predicts ingredients with cognitive, immune or beauty claims will be ones to watch in 2018). It also means we can expect growth in bottled water to continue, leading to lots of innovation  making the beverage anything but plain.

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