Coffee + Tea or Cofftea: a new Beverage Segment?

With the new industry standard necessitating the hybridization of beverage categories and functional benefits (e.g. tea infused sparkling water, juice + soda, juice + water, energy + metabolism [...]

Products as Flavorful as They Are Functional

Consumer Preferences From mass market grocery stores to convenience stores and local mom-and-pop shops, functional food and beverage products are readily available, as consumer interest and [...]


(Niles, Illinois) April 19, 2018 – Imbibe announced today the launch of NonSense™, a line of clean-label flavor masking ingredients for food and beverages. The development of NonSense™ comes on [...]

Functional Ingredients to Watch

Bringing beverage innovation to food service

Technology, transparency and sugar reduction are three trends driving change in the beverage marketplace. As consumers become more engaged using digital technologies they are demanding products [...]

Webinar: Sugar Reduction Trends & Strategies

If protein is hot and fat is back, sugar is public enemy #1. Soda taxes are gaining ground and added sugar will soon have to be listed on the Nutrition Facts panel, putting manufacturers under [...]