Functional Ingredient Guidebook – Part 2: Your Guidebook for Functional Formulations is Here!

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To meet consumer demand, fortified beverages, functional snacks, and supplements in the market must share a crucial characteristic: they must be both effective and enjoyable. Immune system, energy, gut health, and protein are all among the dominating consumer needs for functional ingredients, but also present in that list is “tasty”.1 Functional ingredients have become a mainstream phenomenon, surpassing boundaries of age, gender, and geography. Curiosity around these beneficial additives has been on the rise with social discussion for the term “functional ingredients” having grown by 21.4% over the past year.1

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the release of our Functional Ingredient Guidebook – Part 2!  

Our team of Product Developers, Flavorists, and Taste Modulation experts understand what makes formulating with these ingredients hard. We have drawn from our collective experience to bring you valuable insights from within and beyond the lab – tied together in a meticulously crafted guidebook to equip you with the essential information and formulation techniques needed to create healthier, more innovative, and market-ready food, beverage, and supplement products. 

Curious about what awaits you inside? 

  • The Need States You Need to Know 
  • Formulation Tips 
  • Market Insights 

Dive in and explore the vast array of functional ingredients available, their unique properties, and the transformative effects they can deliver to the end user. From antioxidants and probiotics to plant-based proteins and fiber-rich additives, this guide is overflowing with the information you need to meet the growing demands of health-conscious consumers and consumers looking for more from their products. 



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