Flavor Drop: White Grape & Concord Grape

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glass of grape juice surrounded by grapesThe Trend: Nostalgia

The Flavor: White Grape

White Grape is a classic flavor around for decades. Some consumers may recall Diet Rite White Grape Soda from the 90s and early 2000s. Today, White Grape is still found in soda, as well as in water, alcohol, juice, and energy drinks. Interestingly, social conversations about grapes have increased by 25.6% over the last year.1 This may be due in part to the 2023 New Year’s Eve recurrence of a viral TikTok trend — the 12-grape challenge. Stemming from over a century-old tradition, this challenge includes eating 12 green grapes (one for each month of the year) as the clock strikes midnight with the hope that it will bring luck and love in the year to come.

Tasting notes from our Flavorists: fresh and uplifting aroma, flavor of ripe green grape and subtle tartness of fresh White Grape juice, delicate winey nuance


White Grape-inspired market products:

united soda white grapeciroc white grapechargel white grapealo zero white grapeocean bomb gohan white grape


White Grape Soda, White Grape Vodka, White Grape Energy Gel Drink, White Grape Aloe Vera Juice, Gohan White Grape Soda


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concord grape

The Trend: Nostalgia

The Flavor: Concord Grape

Concord Grape flavored products may cause consumers to quickly flashback to Welch’s classic Concord Grape commercials with bright-eyed children describing their purple and grapey juice experience. Well, that grapey taste keeps hitting! In a recent survey, findings revealed that a whopping 74% of Millennial parents of Gen Alpha kids (2010-2024) are aware of the Concord Grape flavor, with many reporting that their children have already tried this nostalgic flavor.2 In 2022, Kellanova (fka Kellogg’s) re-released Frosted Grape Pop-Tarts. In 2023, Poppi launched Grape Prebiotic Soda, Mary Jones introduced MF Grape Cannabis-Infused Soda, and Zoa released its zero-sugar Frosted Grape Energy Drink with electrolytes, amino acids, vitamins, and green tea.

Tasting notes from our Flavorists: fresh aroma, tart and bright flavor, subtle candy notes


Concord Grape-inspired market products:

ruby concord grape sparkling hibiscus waterliquid iv concord grape hydration multiplierpure kick concord grape hydration powderwelchs concord grape fruit snacksdoctor ds concord grape sparkling probiotic


Concord Grape Sparkling Hibiscus Water, Concord Grape Hydration Multiplier, Concord Grape Hydration Powder, Concord Grape Fruit Snacks, Concord Grape Sparkling Probiotic Drink


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