Flavor Drop: Pink Lemonade & Rocket Pop

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pink lemonadeThe Trend: Nostalgia

The Flavor: Pink Lemonade

Consumers may flashback to carefree summer days and picnics in the park when they see Pink Lemonade products. Tropicana Pink Lemonade, Pink Lemonade Monster, Jose Cuervo Pink Lemonade Margarita, and Hi-C Pink Lemonade all experienced a recent 30-day increase of over 100%.1 In 2023, In-N-Out Burger added sugar-free Lite Pink Lemonade to their menu, Wrigley’s EXTRA® launched sugar-free Pink Lemonade Gum, and Spitz Society collaborated with The Skinny Confidential on a limited-edition Pink Lemonade Spritz. This year, Magnum debuted “mood-inspired” Euphoria Pink Lemonade Ice Cream, Bomb Pop joined forces with actress Anna Cathcart to release limited-edition Unicorn Wonder – a mix of Pink Lemonade, Sweet Berry, and Frosted Cupcake, and Ghost introduced Pink Lemonade in Ghost Greens, Ghost Pump, and Ghost Size Dietary Supplements. While there have been several Pink Lemonade snack and supplement launches in recent years, in 2022 Pink Lemonade was one of the 20 fastest-growing flavors in the water and cold beverage category.2

Tasting notes from our Flavorists:  tart and refreshing taste of fresh-squeezed, juicy lemons with subtle berry notes of raspberry and strawberry


Pink Lemonade-inspired market products:

box of magnum euphoria mini pink lemonade barsjar of ghost size pink lemonade dietary supplementcan of spritz society pink lemonade spritzbox of bomb pop unicorn wonder ice popspackage of wrigley's extra pink lemonade gum


Pink Lemonade Ice Cream, Pink Lemonade Muscle Builder Supplement, Pink Lemonade Spritz, Unicorn Wonder Ice Pops, Pink Lemonade Gum


Perfect Pairings from our Flavorists
guavaGuava lavenderLavender blueberryBlueberry

rocket pop

The Trend: Nostalgia

The Flavor: Rocket Pop

Aah, the sweet taste of summer and nostalgia! When tasting Rocket Pop flavored products, many consumers will recall fond childhood memories of ice cream trucks, fireworks, and summer celebrations. Beyond ice pops, this flavor has been popping up in CSDs, energy drinks, beer, cider, hard iced tea, hard seltzer, and supplements. In 2022, Cracker Barrel added Rocket Pop Mimosa to their menu, which is their popular strawberry mimosa garnished with an actual Rocket Pop ice pop, and Alani Nu released a limited-edition Rocket Pop Energy Drink and Pre-Workout Powder at GNC. Last year, TwistedTea launched Rocket Pop Hard Iced Tea, Mountain Dew introduced Bomb Pop-inspired Summer Freeze, and Great Lakes Brewery released Rocket Pop Hard Seltzer. This June, Bubly will unveil limited-edition Melted Ice Pop Sparkling Water exclusively at Target just in time for Bomb Pop Day which was established in 2017 and takes place the last Thursday in June. Fittingly, Bomb Pop and Rocket Pop have been gaining traction for decades and both hit an all-time search volume high last June.3

Tasting notes from our Flavorists: maraschino cherry notes, slightly powdery, sweet, floral raspberry finish, refreshing blend of candy lime and lime juice


Rocket Pop-inspired market products:

can of twisted tea rocket pop hard iced teabottle of mountain dew summer freezejar of alani nu rocket pop pre-workout powdercan of great lakes brewing co. rocket popbox of popsicle firecracker pops


Rocket Pop Hard Iced Tea, Summer Freeze CSD, Rocket Pop Pre-Workout Powder, Rocket Pop Hard Seltzer, Firecracker Ice Pops


Perfect Pairings from our Flavorists
watermelonWatermelon VanillaVanilla chocolateChocolate
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