Superfood lattes: The emerging trend to consider for your next product

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Though the recipe for a latte follows the same formula—X ingredient(s) + dairy or non-dairy milk alternative—the combinations to create the perfect latte are endless. Newer to the marketplace are superfood lattes, or the milk of choice mixed with a superfood ingredient that offers specific health benefits. You might have stumbled upon some of the more popular or visually arresting sensations; if you haven’t yet, we recommend you check them out on Instagram because you will be seeing more of them. During a three-month period at the end of 2017, #roselatte occurrences grew just over 11 percent; #tarolatte, 12 percent; #matchalatte just over 16 percent; #goldenlatte just over 24 percent; and the current leader, #beetrootlatte, just over 44 percent.

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