Flavor Drop: Fauxgroni Sbagliato & Persimmon

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fauxgroni sbagliato

Some trends seem like they pop up out of nowhere, but our expertise is seeing them come from months or even years away. Our perspective comes from a mix of data, market research, and activity from our lab, and this informs each Flavor Drop giving you a chance to take these insights and bring them to your own projects for inspiration. Email marketing@imbibeinc.com or click the button at the bottom of the page to request flavors – either from this or previous Flavor Drops, or any other flavor you can imagine. Chances are in our database of more than 20k flavors, we have the starting point for the custom flavor you need to give your product(s) the characterization and differentiation they deserve! 

Fauxgroni Sbagliato

Some may say the Negroni Sbagliato is *stunning*, and for good reason. This Italianborn aperitif is both alcohol-forward yet balanced. The bitter, sweet, fruity, and herbal notes work in unison as the flavors of gin, sweet vermouth, Campari, orange, and a splash of prosecco hit the tongue. After being featured in a viral TikTok sound, the Negroni Sbagliato saw a 501% increase in searches in a single week.

The original Negroni has also had a meteoric rise in success recently, with global Google search term volume growing by 21.5% in 2022.2

Negroni-inspired market products:

    Negroni 1Negroni 2Negroni 3Negroni 4Negroni 5


Popular Negroni Pairings3
orangeOrange proseccoProsecco bananaBanana

persimmon Persimmon

Flavors consistently transcend regions, allowing for global inspiration to be infused in markets far from the origin of the ingredient. Global flavors from fruits have certainly been part of this movement (e.g., yuzu, calamansi). 57% of surveyed U.S. fruit consumers have shown interest in exotic fresh fruits.4 Persimmon, native to China and Northeast India and popular in the Middle East, has a flavor profile that can be described as sweet, mild and rich. Some report hints of cantaloupe, honey, mango, and cinnamon. Interest has been piqued with this warm-hued fruit, with 52.2% of consumers interested in trying it in sparkling water and 25.1% curious to experience it in frozen desserts.Imbibers also recently spotted a Persimmon puree on the side of a cheese plate at Moody Tongue, near Chinatown in Chicago.


Persimmon-inspired Products:


aura bora

Popular Persimmon Pairings3
raspberryRaspberry cinnamonCinnamon blueberryBlueberry

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