Flavor Drop: Cotton Candy & Red Licorice

The Trend: Nostalgia The Flavor: Cotton Candy Whether at amusement parks, county fairs, or carnivals, Cotton Candy is a beloved and delicious indulgence enjoyed by many consumers, especially [...]

Flavor Drop: Black Cherry & Spiced Cherry

The Trend: Nostalgia The Flavor: Black Cherry Consumers will likely remember their first time experiencing a Black Cherry product whether it was jiggly Jello gelatin, juicy Charms Blow Pops, or [...]

Flavor Drop: Fruit Punch & Tropical Punch

The Trend: Nostalgia The Flavor: Fruit Punch Remember that high-energy kid with the permanent red mustache running around the neighborhood? Fruit Punch, the traditionally bright-red and [...]

Flavor Drop: Cantaloupe & Black Raspberry

The Trend: True-to-Fruit The Flavor: Cantaloupe When purchasing sliced fruit platters from the grocer, you can expect to find a combination of berries and melon — typically sweet and juicy [...]

Flavor Drop: Mixed Berry & Lemonade

The Trend: True-to-Fruit The Flavor: Mixed Berry What’s better than the sweet, juicy flavor of blueberries? Dare I say Mixed Berries! Mixed Berry combines the nuanced flavor of various berries, [...]

Flavor Drop: Mango & Limeade

The Trend: Tropical The Flavor: Mango Ah…If only we could bottle those island vacation sensations of warm breezes, soft water, and relaxation. Imagine sipping on a sweet and refreshing tropical [...]

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