Imbibe Weighs in on Potential of Fluid Delivery Formats for Curcumin

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Supplements in beverage and liquid forms are a steadily growing trend, but incorporating curcumin in these formats requires multiple considerations.

Riding the mainstream awareness wave for turmeric (Curcuma longa), the golden-colored spice used in Southeast Asian cooking, its bioactive constituent curcumin has been a bright star in the botanical supplements space, with significant documentation for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant health benefits.1

Recently, there has been a surge in products offering turmeric or curcumin in liquid formats ranging from ready-to-drink(RTD) beverages and shots to ready-to-mix (RTM) products in stick packs, sachets and powders that address demand for consumer choice and convenience. But creating these products presents several challenges for product developers and questions for brands as they market these products to a receptive but somewhat uninformed consumer.

The market interest is easy to explain. The global market for curcumin products is seeing solid growth, according to Grand View Research, with the segment reaching $58 million in 2020, and a 16.1% CAGR expected through 2028; sales of turmeric supplements in the United States represents the fourth largest market reaching nearly $97 million, according to data from the American Botanical Council and Nutrition Business Journal. Add in the rising appeal of functional beverages for specific health benefits, and you have the makings of a solid market opportunity.

“Curcumin has had meteoric rise, and with the global functional beverage market slated to reach $173+ billion by 2025 (Business Research Co.), this powerful antioxidant and popular applications were bound to intersect and synergistically elevate each other to the next level,” said Sara Zoet, a senior expert for global communication from OmniActive Health Technologies.

Consumer demand for functional health foods and products that fit an on-the-go lifestyle is helping to drive this trend. Plus, curcumin and turmeric both have a growing list of documented and desirable health benefits, ranging from support of heart health2 to maintenance of cognitive function.3 Certainly, growing awareness of curcumin’s benefits for sports recovery and performance4 has been propelling.

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