Trending: Shrubs – The Vinegar Based Drink You Might Want to Consider Developing Next

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mcclary bros shrubsIf you frequently browse drink menus, or dabble in mixology, you’ve probably heard of shrubs, or non-alcoholic vinegar-based syrups often infused with fruit, herbs, and sugar. Sometimes they’re also referred to as drinking vinegars, but no matter the name, they’re gaining traction in the grocery aisle and on the bar scene, and we predict that this will continue. The short list of benefits associated with apple cider vinegar includes regulating blood sugar levels and helping with detox, despite its pungency. If you’d like to do some research before considering vinegar in your next beverage project, here are a few brands for you to check out:

McClary Bros – some flavors include: Michigan apple Pie, Michigan Beet & Carrot, Pineapple & Fennel Seed, Strawberry & Fig Leaf and Detroit Thai Basil

Only Bitters – some flavors include: Apple Cardamom, Blackberry Peppercorn and Strawberry Balsamic

Shrub & Co – some flavors include: Douglas Fir Infused Cranberry and Red Grapefruit

And if you’re interested in tasting them in cocktails, we also scouted a few Chicago menus for you. Enjoy:

Quiote Chicago
Celery Shrub (Mezcal · Celery · Mango Vinegar · Lime Peel · Hawaiian Sea Salt)

Elixir Lounge
Sherry Cobbler (Tito’s vodka, Lustau amontillado sherry, Mallorca melon shrub, lemon, mint, seasonal fruit)

Ladies’ Room
Hot Tea for Two (Freak of Nature, Onu, Letherbee Gin, Rhubarb Shrub)

Honey Chicago
Secrets Don’t Make Friends (beefeater gin, cocchi americano, sour cherry shrub, basil, lime)

Sons of a Butcher
There Are Some Who Call Me…Tim (Tito’s Vodka, hibiscus syrup, Aveze, house-made orchard shrub)