Flavor Wheel – Guava

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guava flavor wheel with photographs of descriptors in each pie piece of the wheel

Get ready for summer with the sweet tropical vibe of Guava, found at the taste intersection of pear and strawberry. This unique taste can be found in sparkling water, CSDs, energy drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, dietary supplements, snacks, and more. In 2024, there have been several Guava RTDs and snacks released including Hiyo Strawberry Guava non-alcoholic social tonic, Solely Mango Guava Fruit Jerky, Smirnoff Electric Guava Infused Vodka, Reign Storm Guava Strawberry Energy Drink, and Truly Tequila Soda Pineapple Guava. Also in 2024, McDonald’s rereleased their Guava & Crème Pie at select locations in Hawaii and Florida, and in 2023, Wetzel’s Pretzels introduced their LTO Guava Mangonada Slushie mixed with Tajin Fruity Chamoy Hot Sauce. Perfect Guava pairings from our flavorists include Pink Lemonade, Rose, and Milk Chocolate.

As flavor creators and suppliers, we’re adept at identifying the subtle taste medley that comprises flavor. Our expert sensory team has taken a deep dive into the complexities of flavor and come out the other side with our unique Flavor Lexicon. This shared language is a valuable tool that allows us and our customers to quickly align on the desired flavor profile. How does Guava fit into your portfolio?

Introducing the Guava Flavor Wheel! Our sensory specialists have identified seven tastes that constitute Guava flavor. Download below!

For full Guava immersion:

  • Download the Guava Flavor Wheel to understand how we describe Guava and as a resource for your future flavor requests or product collaborations.
  • Email marketing@imbibeinc.com for samples from our Guava flavor library to perfect your flavor profile.
  • Challenge yourself to identify these qualities the next time you bite into a Guava or taste a Guava-flavored product.
  • Watch for more flavor wheels as our team unveils other popular flavor descriptors.

table of guava descriptors