Imbibe’s Nicole Wollak Talks Hobbies and How Work and Play Overlap

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Q&A with Nicole Wollak
Passions, hobbies, healthy distractions and even guilty pleasures – discover how the research community plays and how that plays out in their work life. In the Venn diagram of work and play, what happens when work and play overlap? Research colleagues share their work and play stories in this interview series by Nancy Cox. 

Hello to Nicole Wollak, Senior Manager, Insights and Innovation, Imbibe
What is the “play” in your life? I’m a serial dabbler of hobbies. I have several regular hobbies, and I am constantly trying new ones. I’ve taken music lessons on three different instruments. I’ve tried calligraphy, embroidery and arm knitting. I golf a few times a year. I bake yeast-leavened breads and, like everyone during the pandemic, tried sourdough. Some things I’m never going to be great at. That’s OK.

My craft hobbies tend to be one-and-done creative outlet projects. I feel accomplished going from the materials to a finished, tangible result. I’ve embroidered ornaments. I’ve knitted blankets using jumbo yarn and my arms as the knitting needles. I made four or five blankets, but that craft just didn’t stick.

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