Category Spotlight: Mocktails

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With health and wellness as a top priority, there’s an increase of consumers that are choosing to go alcohol-free. Just because a consumer may be focused on reducing their alcohol intake, however, doesn’t mean that they don’t still appreciate both the experience of catching up with someone over a delicious drink, and/or the flavors associated with traditional cocktails. In addition to the increase of menus featuring non-alcoholic libations (after all, 42% professional chefs reported that mocktails would be a leading menu trend for 2017), brands are following suit with RTDs. The growing interest in alcohol-free is also contributing to cocktail inspired flavors across categories. Here’s a brief mocktail market landscape:

Instead of cocktails:












Cocktail flavored:

cocktail flavored products


Better-for-you mixers (mix with sparkling water to keep these drinks non-alcoholic):

bfy mixers

Considering a mocktail or cocktail inspired flavor for your next beverage product? Whenever you’re ready, we’re here to help you innovate: