Hyper-personalized Beverages

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Health and wellness was one of the top trends driving new product innovation in 2017. Sugar reduction, functional health benefits and sustainability also had a strong influence on new food and beverage launches. Next year, 2018, won’t be drastically different. Instead, these movements will become more mature and specialized—and inspire beverages that are hyper-personalized to give consumers a range of options.

Here are some of the most pervasive beverage trends to look for in 2018.

Sparkling alternatives and nitrogen-infused expand into new beverages categories. Consumers are drinking fewer traditional carbonated soft drinks, and are turning to sparkling waters, juices and less traditional carbonated beverages as better-for-you alternatives. Although positioned as more “clean label,” these products represent a diverse offering and may or may not contain calories, sweetener, color or preservatives. Another up-and-coming textural component is nitrogen infusions, which add a creamy complexity and foamy headspace. Nitrogen infusions started in coffee and beer, but will expand into new arenas like tea, protein waters and juice.

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