How to Make Your Mark in the Growing Health and Wellness Category

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The explosion of the better-for-you food movement means that today’s consumers have more choices than ever before. How can health and wellness food and beverage manufacturers stand out in an increasingly crowded space?

This June in Chicago, SmartFood Expo™ will feature education sessions that will provide insights to help demystify shopper attitudes and create “light bulb” moments for connecting with today’s health-savvy consumer. Here’s a preview of a few of those topics:

Drink Up! Healthy Beverage Innovations
Presented by: Andy Dratt, Chief Commercial Officer, Imbibe

“The world is increasingly moving towards hyper-personalization,” says Andy Dratt, Chief Commercial Officer of Imbibe. “Consumers expect products to be tailored to them at the individual level – so we need to think about how they define healthy and how to design products to meet those definitions.”

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