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Co-manufacturers can help brand owners create safe, scalable products

Established brands appreciate the flexibility of co-manufacturers to provide line time when orders exceed capacity at company-owned production facilities. And while this is important business for co-manufacturers, it’s the entrepreneur who has a concept that was created in the home kitchen and wants to commercialize it who reaps the benefits of working with an experienced co-manufacturer. Finding that partner is not easy.

Imbibe in the Press - Co-manufacturers

Startups often don’t think about finding a co-packer until they believe they have perfected the product. This thinking is a big mistake, said Avi Belson, senior director of contract manufacturing, Imbibe, Niles, Ill. “Identifying a co-packer early and upfront during the innovation stage assists with having a better understanding of available and affordable ingredients and packaging,” Mr. Belson said. “The co-packer also knows how to troubleshoot. They have a day-to-day understanding of what works and what does not.”


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