Ginger provides value-added benefits to beverages

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Cultivated as a spice since ancient times, ginger has become well-known for its medicinal health benefits and ability to boost bone health, strengthen the immune system and aid in digestion, according to experts. Derived from the root of the ginger plant Zingiber officinale, ginger can be consumed fresh, powdered, dried, in oil form or as a juice, giving the science-backed ingredient added versatility to impact consumers’ bodies and brains, experts say.

The health-and-wellness movement and consumer demand for clean-label functional beverages is driving usage for the spicy, zesty taste of ginger in functional beverages, says Holly McHugh, marketing associate at Niles, Ill.-based Imbibe.

“Ginger is showing up more and more in beverages, and it’s not going to lose momentum any time soon,” McHugh explains. “Consumers are craving spicy and exotic flavors, so they’re embracing the heat that comes from real ginger juice. Ginger is also one of the versatile spicy flavors. It can be paired with sweet or savory, and works in products from nearly every category like soda, coffee, tea, juice, enhanced water and functional beverages.

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