Flavor Drop: Black Cherry & Spiced Cherry

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The Trend: Nostalgia

The Flavor: Black Cherry

Consumers will likely remember their first time experiencing a Black Cherry product whether it was jiggly Jello gelatin, juicy Charms Blow Pops, or indulgent Oberweis ice cream. Today, Black Cherry is found in everything from seltzer water and alcoholic beverages to syrups and tobacco. For the past three years, Black Cherry was among the top 20 fastest-growing flavors in the water and cold beverage category of Latin America’s Caribbean region.1 This month, Mark Anthony Brands released its new non-alcoholic White Claw seltzer with electrolytes featuring four flavors including Black Cherry Cranberry. This March, Molson Coors plans to launch its uncarbonated 4.4% ABV Happy Thursday Spiked Refreshers with Black Cherry among its four flavor profiles. In 2023, Culture Pop introduced Black Cherry Soda, Nixie announced the addition of Black Cherry Lime organic sparkling water, G.O.A.T Fuel released Black Cherry Ginger Ale energy drink, Hoist introduced its Black Cherry IV-Level Hydration beverage, and Haagen-Dazs announced Black Cherry Cultured Creme. Though we’ve seen many recent beverage launches, the fastest-rising consumer need for Black Cherry flavored products is in the snack category.2

Tasting notes from our Flavorists: sweet and tart aroma, juicy sun-ripened sweetness with dark earthy richness, subtle tartness adds complexity and depth, balanced sugar and acidity


Black Cherry-inspired market products:


Black Cherry probiotic soda, Black Cherry sparkling energy drink, Black Cherry Cultured Creme, Black Cherry Ginger ale, Black Cherry Cranberry non-alcoholic seltzer 


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The Trend: Approachable Adventure

The Flavor: Spiced Cherry

As global diversity continues to grow, consumers are becoming increasingly more acquainted with a variety of cultural cuisines, and a significant number are open to experimenting with novel flavors. According to a survey involving 2,000 Americans from the general population, 53% identify as adventurous eaters, having explored diverse cuisines.3 However, enticing those on the fence often involves combining a familiar flavor with something more daring. Spiced Cherry exemplifies this approach by marrying the friendly sweetness of cherry with the warm spiciness often left to a more adventurous palate. The trend of sweet and spicy pairings has seen a notable 38% increase on menus in the past year4, and this flavor fusion has become so trendy that social media has coined the term “swicy” for quick reference. Notabley, the enthusiasm for imaginative flavor combinations on beverage menus is shared by a substantial 86% of Generation Z.5

Tasting notes from our Flavorists: sweet cherry and warm spicy aroma, sweet and warm fruitiness complimented by subtle spiciness


Spiced Cherry-inspired products:


Spicy Cherry Twists, Spiced Cherry Soda, Spiced Cherry Herbal Tea, Spiced Cherry Whiskey, Spiced Cherry Coffee


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