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blackberry flavor wheel

Have you ever savored a blackberry and taken a moment to fully appreciate the flavor journey? Have you been able to discern the earthy or floral undertones, in addition to the sweet and jammy notes? Just like many True-to-Fruit flavors, Blackberry offers a subtlety that may not be readily apparent.

Our Sensory team continues to build our internal Flavor Lexicon, a tool we use with our customers, as it vividly showcases both the dominant and subtle facets of flavors. Thanks to this standardized flavor language, our teams can communicate seamlessly, using identical descriptors as they collaborate on infusing your products with delightful flavors. When adopted, this can expedite getting your product to market by helping us swiftly align to create your desired flavor profile.

As flavor creators, we understand the nuances and have the know-how to create your desired flavor profile. What aspects of the Blackberry would you lean into when creating your perfect Blackberry flavor experience?

Introducing the Blackberry Flavor Wheel! Our sensory specialists have meticulously defined nine distinct flavor profiles that encapsulate the essence of Blackberry – including earthy, floral, fresh, fruity, jammy, seedy, sweet, sulfurous, and woody.

Get Blackberry into your portfolio by emailing marketing@imbibeinc.com. We’ll send you samples so you can get the Blackberry profile you want just right.

Stay tuned for more insightful flavor wheels, as our team continues to explore and define some of the most popular flavor experiences.

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