Thoughts from Imbibe on Flavored and Enhanced Waters that have Consumers Bubbling with Enthusiasm

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New innovations include unique flavors and functional ingredients that offer consumers an expansive range of liquid options

The flavored water category experienced a huge growth spurt in the last decade, and both entrepreneurial and major beverage brands continue to step up with their take on the concept. As dietitians, health experts, and fitness gurus began stressing water intake as one of the most crucial parts of people’s daily routines, consumers agreed and water sales began booming.

But many consumers find plain water boring, so the drive was on to make water a more attractive beverage to compete with highly caloric options, as well as to boost its nutritional value. New releases in this space have been enhanced to include unique flavors and functional ingredients that offer the consumer an expansive range of liquid options.

Crafting a flavored water, even in its most basic form, comes with its own set of challenges. Formulating a non-carbonated flavored water can often be tricky for R&D teams designing a product that balances defined ingredient profiles with a holistically pleasant drinking experience.

Some established brands have enjoyed continued success in this arena while staying relevant with consumers through proprietary processes. Examples include Hint Water, Inc.’s line of flavor-infused and caffeine-infused waters; PepsiCo’s Propel line of flavored and vitamin/electrolyte-enhanced waters; and Nestlé SA’s Splash purified and flavored waters.

Competition Bubbling Up
Defining the seemingly unquenchable consumer thirst for flavored and enhanced waters, several smaller brands also have experienced big growth. Those reaping the fruits of their labor include Spindrift Beverage Co., Sanzo Water Co., and Free Rain Products, LLC, all of which contain pure fruit juice or fruit purée.

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