Alcoholic beverage innovation accelerating

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Canned adult beverages have been gaining traction in recent years as their portable, non-breakable structure makes them suited for outdoor events and public gatherings. While beer has long been available in single-serve aluminum cans, the packaging is relatively new to wine, hard seltzers and mixed cocktails.

One might think with social distancing measures in place, along with the shutdown of sports, concerts and other large gatherings, sales of the single-serve alcohol drinks would be slowing. On the contrary, sales are booming, especially in municipalities that have relaxed alcohol sales laws and now are allowing for delivery and curb-side pick-up during stay-at-home orders.

“In wake of COVID-19, many consumers are unable to experience premium cocktails at bars and restaurants because of stay-at-home orders in several states,” said Holly McHugh, marketing associate, Imbibe Inc., Niles, Ill. “Consumers may still be reluctant to visit bars and restaurants once stay-at-home orders are lifted due to fear of crowds and getting sick, so there’s a lot of growth potential for premium ready-to-drink cocktails that offer a similar premium drinking experience at home.

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