Flavor Drop: Limoncello & Spiced Peach

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This Flavor Drop is forecasting two taste profiles that are sure to delight consumers. Follow the button at the bottom of this page or email marketing@imbibeinc.com  to request flavors – from these two drops or any flavors from our library of over 20k flavors. Don’t forget to check out all our previous Drops if you’re looking for some more inspiration. 


Picture this: It’s a sunny day off the coast of Italy and the taste of a chilled aperitif hits your lips. The bright, tangy, and zesty citrus flavor profile of Limoncello, a sweet Italian liqueur, can transport you straight there with every taste. It’s often described as tart and refreshing with a smooth finish and a hint of sweetness. This is a modern twist on lemon, an everyday flavor, and one of Imbibe’s top-selling flavors in 2022. Limoncello is on the rise and grew by almost 3% in social discussion over the past year and garnered over 82m views on TikTok.1

Limoncello-inspired market products:
Popular Limoncello Pairings1
Strawberry Prosecco Coconut

Spiced Peach

The perfect peach is juicy, tangy, and sweet and when paired with the deep, spicy flavor profiles, this combination enchants the taste buds. The complex and yet accessible profile lends itself to work across almost every sweet food and beverage category. 27% of consumers are interested in having a “spicy” experiential component to their beverages.2

Global Google search term volume for “peach tea” grew by approximately 22% in 2022.3



Spiced/Peach-inspired Products:

Popular Peach Pairings1
Salted Caramel Aperol Mango
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