#Trendspotting: 2019 Flavor Trends

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Consumers always want a product that tastes great, but flavor preferences are constantly evolving.
2019 flavor trends are inspired by global cuisine, nostalgia, and better-for-you ingredients.

World’s Fare | Floral Favorites | Nostalgia with a Twist | Mocktail Mania

World’s Fare

Globally inspired flavors from Latin America and Asia are trending on menus and in CPG products. Spicy and exotic true-to-fruit flavors are especially popular.


Yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit, is a flavor to watch. Mintel reports that it grew 10% on menus from 2015-18, and it is a featured flavor in several new product launches like Effen Yuzu Citrus Vodka.


Turmeric continues to grow as a functional ingredient and a flavor. The pungent and earthy-tasting root has grown 109% on full service restaurant menus in the last four years according to Datassential. It’s also featured in many RTD products like Rebbl’s Turmeric Golden-Milk, Turmeric Lemon Creme, and 3 Roots Mango Spice.


Dragon fruit is the main ingredient in Starbucks Dragon Drink. It’s also one of the fastest growing health and wellness ingredients on limited service menus. According to Datassential, the exotic Southeast Asian fruit has grown 297% in four years.


Brands are getting inspired by Latin American cuisine and incorporating pepper flavors like habanero, jalepeño, and chili into products. Big Swig turned up the heat with their Chile Mango and Jalepeño Pineapple flavored sparkling waters.

Floral Favorites

Focus on health and wellness combined with desire for more sophisticated flavor profiles have driven growth of botanical flavors in beverages. Floral flavors are becoming especially popular in cocktails, coffee products, sparkling waters and teas.


Hibiscus is one of the fastest growing botanical flavors. It has experienced 300% growth in food and beverage product launches since 2012 and 55% growth on menus from 2015-18, according to Mintel.


Lavender is being incorporated into flavored waters, lattes, lemonades and more. Vitaminwater’s latest line extension includes a blueberry lavender water that was also made into a Slurpee at 7-Eleven.


Elderflower is a flavor to watch. It’s being used in lemonades, teas, sparkling waters, and RTD cocktails like Southern Tier Distilling’s cucumber and elderflower flavored gin and tonic.

Nostalgia with a Twist

Flavors that trigger nostalgia remain popular because they can be very comforting and contribute to emotional well-being. Nostalgic flavors inspired by desserts deep-rooted in Americana and breakfast foods are especially popular this year.


The Dairy Queen summer Blizzard menu includes many childhood favorites like campfire inspired s’mores and carnival classic cotton candy.


Koios Beverage Fit Soda is a better-for-you product line with classic dessert flavors like rootbeer float and orange creamsicle.


Flavors inspired by breakfast like cereal milk, pancakes, and maple are appearing in products across categories. International Delight recently launched a limited edition french toast coffee creamer.

Mocktail Mania

More bars and restaurants are adding mocktails to menus which appeal to
teetotalers and the sober curious. According to Mintel, mocktails experiencced 43% growth on menus from 2015-18. Cocktail-inspired flavors are also incorporated into
non-alcoholic RTD beverages across categories.


Sonic Drive-In restaurants are offering mocktail slushes as a LTO this summer. Flavors include piña colada, strawberry daiquiri, and spicy margarita.


Earlier this year Coca-Cola launched a line of alcohol-free sparkling beverages under the brand Bar None. Flavors include sangria, dry aged cider, bellini spritz, and spiced ginger mule.


Hops are a popular ingredient in craft beer that add bitterness, flavor and aroma. HopTea was created as a healthier way to enjoy the flavors of hops without the alcohol. Flavors include chamomile tea with citra hops and green tea with mosaic hops.

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