The Generation Alpha Advantage

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Have you ever bought something because your kid, niece, nephew, or friend’s kid asked you to? You’re not alone. A recent survey that we deployed told us just how much influence kids have, so we decided to devote some resources to understanding them better. We’re excited to share insights about the tech-savvy Gen. Alpha (born b/w 2010 and 2024). In addition to giving an overview of some of the most popular flavors with this generation, you will learn how to best apply and talk about these flavors to help enhance your portfolio and drive growth for your business.  


Bring Value to Your Brand 

  1. Tailor Innovation

Creating products that speak directly to the heart of your target audience. 

  1. Inform Decision-Making

No more guessing games—instead, know how familiar this audience is with selected flavors. 

  1. Build Brand Loyalty

Understand the factors influencing millennial parents’ purchases so you build lasting connections.  

How to Access the Infographic 

Download today for a better understanding of Gen. Alpha. Click below to download 


Interested in 45 engaging minutes with insights into Gen Alpha to help keep your brand relevant? to schedule a meeting with our team and complete this Epicurated story. 

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