Flavor Drop: Fruit Punch & Tropical Punch

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The Trend: Nostalgia

The Flavor: Fruit Punch

Remember that high-energy kid with the permanent red mustache running around the neighborhood? Fruit Punch, the traditionally bright-red and super-sweet culprit, has been a childhood classic in American households for decades. This summer, Jones Soda explored the theme of childhood fun with their launch of the Pucker Punch Game Pack – a gamified way to experience their 12-bottle pack of Berry Lemonade soda with three super sour variants mixed in awaiting discovery, complete with a spinner! Of course, Fruit Punch isn’t confined to the realm of childhood. It has made its way into alcoholic drinks, including beer, wine, hard seltzer, and spirits. Notably, the most rapidly growing ingredient and flavor for Fruit Punch is white wine, experiencing a remarkable surge of 331%.1 This year, Guy Fieri introduced Flavortown Spiked Fruit Punch malt beverage, Voodoo Ranger launched Fruit Punch IPA, and Vendange released ViBE Fruit Punch flavored wine. 

Tasting notes from our Flavorists: a taste mix of sweet cherry, juicy orange, and pineapple with a hint of banana and refreshing citrus notes, clean and refreshing, lingering sweetness and tartness


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Perfect Pairings from our Flavorists
limeLime peachPeach vanillaVanilla

The Trend: Escapism

The Flavor: Tropical Punch

With 53% of US adults and 78% of US adult Gen Z’s constantly worrying about the future2, consumers turn to taste experiences to escape and find moments of pleasure, adventure, and respite. The sweetness and complexity of Tropical Punch offers new flavor experiences that can elicit thoughts of warm waters, refreshing breezes, and vast open spaces. While Tropical Punch has traditionally been linked with high sugar content, exemplified by Mountain Dew’s Baja Passionfruit Punch with 44g of total sugar in their summer release, certain consumers avoid punch beverages due to the perceived connection with juice and high sugar content. Interestingly, 46% of US adults agree that added functional benefits make up for the sugar content in juice drinks.2 Several brands have incorporated functional or better-for-you ingredients in their Tropical Punch flavored beverages. In 2022, Guru launched Guayusa Tropical Punch organic energy drink, and Olipop, known for fiber and low-sugar soda, released Tropical Punch soda. In early 2023, Prime introduced Prime Energy containing 200 mg of caffeine and zero sugar available in five flavors including Fruit Punch, and beginning in January 2024, Body Armor will expand its sports nutrition drinks internationally, including their Tropical Fruit flavor. Tropical Punch is a popular flavor in on-premise beverages as well. In the spring of 2023, McDonald’s launched Frozen Hawaiian Punch and in Summer 2023, Sonic introduced Polynesian Punch Slush and Tropical Colada LTO. 

Tasting notes from our Flavorists: sweet ripe pineapple, notes of mango, hints of passion fruit and guava, balanced with a refreshing undertone of citrus, lingering subtle sweetness


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gingerGinger coconutCoconut lemonLemon
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