#TrendSpotting: Unveiling Generation Alpha: Shaping the Future of Consumer Trends

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While Generation Z still holds significant influence, Generation Alpha is quickly gaining ground, wielding a substantial $300 billion in purchasing power, including parental influence. Although their impact extends beyond their own cohort – as most of us have likely purchased something for a child in our lives – what sets Generation Alpha apart is that they are the first generation born entirely in the 21st century. With their inherent access to digital channels and social media, Generation Alpha is poised to have considerable market and social sway from a young age.
Many Generation Alpha members are born to Millennial parents, who prioritize nutrient-dense products and are driving demand for no and low-sugar options. Understanding the priorities of Generation Alpha through their parents is crucial, as integrating these insights into new product development will be essential for capturing the preferences of young consumers.

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Influence on Parental Buying Decisions: Kids Rule

Results from an Imbibe commissioned survey of 300 Millennial parents of Gen. Alpha children showed that 62% of Millennial parents are eager to have their offspring try new things and 63% reported that requests from their children influence their purchase decisions.¹

If Gen. Alpha is having such an influence on their families’ purchase behaviors, where is Gen. Alpha getting influenced? It’s no surprise that they learn most commonly about new products from the environment around them (school, family/friends, and what they see in the store), but that also means that they are heavily persuaded by digital factors including TV (49%), influencers (28%), and online ads (34%). 

By harnessing insights from online interactions and aligning with their values, companies can create offerings that not only capture Gen Alpha’s attention but also pave the way for transformative innovations that create lasting customers. 

Recent Kids’ Product Launches Reflect Macro Trends 

Globally Inspired: Kids Pouches from Serenity Cuisine comes in flavors like: Beef Chimichurri, Coconut Curry with Chicken, and Chicken Tikka Masala. 

Sustainability: Mooala recently launched a smaller packaging size (8oz.) for their plant-based banana milks in Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry. 

Even Capri Sun has revamped its straws in the UK to offer sturdier paper straws that help support their sustainability goals.


Less Sugar: Once Upon a Farm Fruit & Veggie Puffs, Coconut Melts, and Tractor Wheels Toddler Soft-Baked Bars are bear the “Free from Added Sugar” claim. 

Even though 84% of parents are still giving their kids juice, orange juice has been on the decline for the past two decades and U.S. refrigerated juice volumes declined by 8.4% in the 52 weeks ending 8/13/23.²

One bright spot worth paying attention to is Cherry juice (category sales increased nearly 29%), which is one of the reasons why we’re recommending Black Cherry as a flavor with staying power with Gen. Alpha. 

Want to know the flavors bound to capture Gen Alpha’s Attention? 

The Epicurated Flavor Trend Presentation was designed to help brands dive deeper and apply these and other trends to maintain a competitive advantage and be planful as you fill your three-to-five-year innovation pipeline. 

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