Superfood Lattes Address Millennial’s Needs & Take Over Instagram Feeds

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These superfood lattes (lattes combined with less traditional/common ingredients) are emerging as a category, especially in foodservice. They’re taking over Instagram for their sheer beauty as their health benefits are lauded.

Several of these stunning super lattes are inspired from Australian menus. There’s a café in NY and Philadelphia called Bluestone Lane that offers many of these Instagram sensations inspired from down under.

Some of these lattes include the ingredients listed here, though other black or goth lattes (check out our post on goth food ICYMI) also use activated charcoal, a detox ingredient historically relegated to cleansing juices.

Watch the hashtag occurrences grow by comparing the hashtags recorded when this post was written to the number today:

#matchalatte – 378,521

#goldenlatte – 14,245

#beetrootlatte – 5,453

#roselatte – 29,258

#tarolatte – 15,788


superfood lattes

A few lattes included in this mix are only super because they’re served in non-traditional vehicles – a carrot and an avocado. This helps demonstrate how innovative brands are getting in order to capture consumer attention on social media.

Next superfood lattes we expect to see: chaga and maca.