Consumers Say What? #DrinkTrends on Instagram

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Though not all beverages are created with the same insta-appeal, we find that Instagrammers employ hashtags across beverage categories, even those that are less photogenic. We’ve been watching several hashtags as a way to track where the market is headed and wanted to share the ones that have experienced the largest percentage growth (with at least 20k mentions) in 2019. (Keep in mind, there is a lot of variation in terms of number of occurrences – e.g. #matcha has over 4.7 million incidences, whereas #beetrootlatte has just over 24k, and we recognize the growth is just one directional indicator, and not the end all for these categories and/or ingredients). Here are the top 10 growers of 2019:


#cbdcoffee +322%
#lesswaste +148%
#cheestea +146%
#nitrocoffee +101%
#cleanlabel +87%
#oatmilk +55%
#adaptogens +51%
#beetrootlatte +32%
#lavenderlatte +27%
#sparklingwater +24%