Want a Sexy, Differentiated, and Trendy RTD or Ready-to-Pour Alcohol(ish) Product? Imbibe With Us.

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Introducing some of the most recently crafted and commonly requested TTB Flavors by Imbibe:
Passion Fruit Sangria Type Root Beer Float
Watermelon Mint Grilled Peach Cotton Candy Type
Strawberry Daiquiri Yuzu Black Cherry Lime
Blood Orange Tequila Type NonSense® (Masker)




And some alcoholish flavors (inspired by alcoholic beverages, but inclusive of those opting for zero-proof products):
Prosecco Wine Type Chardonnay Type Mango Habanero Margarita
Sparkling Wine Cosmopolitan Prickly Pear Paloma
Rosé Wine Type Negroni Black Cherry Whiskey
Merlot Type Strawberry Lime Margarita N&A Peanut Butter Whiskey


The word imbibe is often associated with alcohol consumption: TRUE.

Imbibe scientists have crafted hundreds of flavors for some of the fastest-growing categories, like hard seltzer, non-alcoholic wine, zero-proof spirits, and RTD cocktails: TRUE.

Imbibe R&D support runs your product in our on-site pilot plant and then monitors product stability to ensure flavor integrity: TRUE.

Imbibe’s Taste Modulation portfolio includes TTB Approved flavors: TRUE.

Email ingredients@imbibeinc.com to learn more about how NonSense® maskers can support your next alcoholic beverage.

For a little more on the background of TTB, check out a previous blog post here.

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