Flavor Wheel – Strawberry

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We all probably have similar takeaways when biting into a ripe strawberry – maybe something akin to sweet, juicy, or fresh. But how would you describe an unripe strawberry or Twizzlers? It’s a little more complicated, right? As flavor creators, we understand the nuances and have the know-how and expertise to create your desired flavor profile. Perhaps you’d prefer a more candy-like or jammy flavor? What about creamy? And what do these words mean to you?

We all have our own ways of describing our taste experiences, and let’s face it, language is complicated. This is why our sensory team has developed a Flavor Lexicon that aligns our teams with a standardized flavor language. Internally this ensures everyone is using the same words to communicate the perceived flavor profile. Equally important is that our customers adopt this language to communicate their concept as they collaborate with our product developers and flavorists. This alignment on taste descriptors and flavor profiles simplifies communication and can ultimately speed up the process to get your product to market.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the release of our Strawberry Flavor Wheel, which represents the first fruit flavor as we build our Flavor Lexicon. Our sensory specialists have defined nine flavor profiles representative of the Strawberry experience – candy-like, cooked, creamy, fruity, green, jammy, ripe, seedy, and sweet. How would you describe these words? To learn how we describe them, download the Strawberry Flavor Wheel. It’s a valuable tool to keep handy the next time you request our flavors or work with us on a product. Stay tuned for more flavor wheels as our team continues to taste and talk about some of the most popular flavors.