Labeling in Apple-cation: How to Ensure Finished Product Compliance, Flavor Edition

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The addition of flavoring, whether natural or artificial, improves the overall taste experience and therefore is present in much of the processed food and beverages available today. While deciding to incorporate flavor is binary and may be an easier conclusion to arrive at, it may be harder to determine the specific type or types of flavor that will have the most impact in your product. The flavor type decision-making phase may include considerations like overall cost, cost in use, crop yield, the nascence or robustness of the raw material supply chains, the taste profile of other ingredients in the product matrix and syncing with your marketing strategy.

Labeling in Apple-cation is a downloadable infographic that can guide you as you design a product that resonates with your intended audience. What you will gain:

  • Guidance on flavor labeling from our regulatory experts
  • A quick reference with definitions of the different flavor types
  • Insight into the contents of the different flavor types, informed by Imbibe flavorists

Why should you care?

Purchase intent. According to Mintel, nearly half of consumers (43%) are more likely to try a new drink based on appealing flavors over functional benefits.

To get curated flavors, product development, and the regulatory support to bolster your product’s appeal, Imbibe’s got your back…and your front-of-pack.

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