Infographic: Sip to Stay Young

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Aging gracefully and maintaining optimal health is a goal shared by people of all ages, and it’s no secret that consumers seek out beverages to support their quest for wellness and vitality. Our latest infographic from recent survey data explores what consumers most care about.  

Discover the Key Insights to Help You: 

  • Target the most relevant audience: Learn about the ever-growing consumer interest in premature aging and maintaining healthy skin and nails. The numbers don’t lie; they point to a vast market eager for solutions. 
  • Refine your message: Uncover the differences between men and women in their focus on healthy skin and nails, and identify the age group that cares the most about premature aging. 
  • Design product profiles based on relevant attributes and consumer values: We’ll shed light on the low engagement in the healthy aging beverage category and the immense potential for brands to expand and flourish. 

 Get Ahead of the Curve: 

Try It Live at SupplySide West: Join us in meeting room #MR26 to sample several functional drink mixes, including one focused on healthy aging. Email to set up time. 

📊 Unlock the Insights: Download the infographic below to gain perspective on the burgeoning healthy-aging beverage market. 😊