Flavors of the Month: Hibiscus Mint & Cucumber Lemon

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Through extensive research and determining some options that can inspire your future products, we’ve found our flavors of the month for July! These flavors can inspire your next summertime LTO or can be added as a permanent staple in your beverage line (so email us at marketing@imbibeinc.com if you would like to try a sample).

Hibiscus Mint

Hibiscus has become a very popular floral flavor, finding its way into nearly every beverage category. This edible flower has notes of cranberry, is sweet and earthy, and plays well with other botanicals like lavender, mint, rosemary, and thyme. Mint is evergreen (and wintergreen 😉) and searches for this cooling and refreshing herb are averaging nearly 300k more searches a month in July 2022, compared to July 2020.

+50% Google searches for Hibiscus 7/21-7/22.


Hibiscus-inspired market products:


Trending flavors for Hibiscus*
Watermelon Apple Lemonade
Cucumber Lemon
This featured flavor will transport you to the spa or perhaps a tropical destination near your favorite body of water. These kitchen staples, when paired, play off of each other, delivering ripe, fresh, and crisp notes. These fruits hold their own, but the opportunity to combine them is tremendous. Variations of cucumber and lemon pairings have over 39m views on TikTok.
+22% Google searches for Cucumber Lemon from 7/20-7/22.



Cucumber and/or Lemon-inspired Products:

July Flavor of the month market products                               


Trending flavors for Cucumber*




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*Google Trends, July 2022.
*TikTok, 2022.