Flavor Drop: Honey Apricot and Merlot

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Our customers lean on us for on-trend and captivating flavors that support the story they want to tell their customers. We use flavor drop to feature a new set of flavors with every launch, so that we can inspire a taste profile that can help get your next product to market. As we approach the new year, you are probably already thinking about your 2024 projects, email marketing@imbibeinc.com OR fill out out contact form (located at the bottom of this page) to request flavors and to get added to receive for future drop samples! 

Honey Apricot

Honey went viral last year, as consumers started freezing the single-ingredient snack for a pure and sweet treat. Consumers are continuing to go crazy for the golden liquid, with Hot Honey experiencing a 101% increase in menu mentions from 2018-2022.1 Combined with the complex and naturally-sweet notes of honey, Apricot (that is reminiscent of a plum or peach) has a sometimes sour flavor profile that works in harmonious union on the palate. 

44.6% of surveyed consumers are interested in trying Apricot in sparkling water and 34.4% in frozen desserts.2

Honey/Apricot-inspired market products:


        (Mango Apricot)

Popular Honey Pairings3
FD 3 1Persimmon FD 3 2Eggnog FD 3 3Pumpkin

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Most often spotted swirling around in a stemmed glass, the dark and fruity flavors of Merlot offer a sophisticated twist for consumers looking for this taste profile in different formats. Seen in varying market categories, like sparkling water, ice cream, and gummies, this flavor can appeal to consumers across the spectrum – from those with elevated palates to those that are looking to cut back on their alcohol intake. Non-alcoholic wine grew by 42% in total market share sales from 2021-2022, highlight the opportunity to harness the deep flavors that this flavor embodies to deliver an alcohol-forward tang to those looking to have the same experience of drinking wine, without the hangover.4 



Merlot-inspired Products:


Trending flavors for Merlot2
cherryCherry orangeOrange rosemaryRosemary

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