Flavor Drop 2: Apple Jasmine & Pear Fig

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We are well-versed in predicting what consumers will crave because we are on the frontlines of food and beverage innovation and have eyes on products months (and sometimes years) before they make it to market. Our Flavor Drop initiative means we’re dropping our knowledge on flavor combinations that could fit perfectly into your product line-up or join for a hot second as an LTO. If you’re in the market for inspiration for a new flavor, email marketing@imbibeinc.com OR click the button at the bottom of the page to request flavors and to get added to receive for future drop samples! 

Apple Jasmine

Fall may be the peak time for apple picking but this flavor combination is seasonless. Google searches for the search term “Apple Jasmine” have grown by 8.5% globally in the six months, ending October 2022.1 Paired with the floral and aromatic notes of Jasmine, Apple offers a refreshing and accessible profile that will resonate with consumers spanning across generations.  

32.3% of surveyed consumers would like to see more of this botanical flavor, Jasmine, in beverage.2

Apple/Jasmine-inspired market products:


Popular Jasmine Pairings3
Pomegranate Cayenne Milk Tea

Pear Fig

Together, these flavors create a symphony of warmth, ripe, green, and dried fruit notes. Separately, they have flourished on their own – with 18% of consumers interested in seeing more fig in beverage, and Red Bull launching a Fig Apple energy drink for Fall 2022.3

Seen frequently on charcuterie boards and confections or pastries, this flavor pair also plays perfectly in beverages. Fig was named one of the fastest-growing flavors for beverages for the past three years and Pear was named one of the fastest-growing flavors of last year.4 



Pear and/or Fig-inspired Products:

Taste: Fig-Apple Wiiings: Red Bull.                   

Popular Fig Pairings3
Pumpkin Spice Egg Yolk Honey

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