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Predicting what consumers are going to be craving years out is a challenge all brands face, but we expect three "S" trends to be around for the long haul. Whether it be targeting self-care (for both physical and mental wellbeing), healthy nourishment, or doing their part to protect their internal and external ecosystem, here are the hot zones as you build out your innovation pipeline beyond 2023.

Sustainability    |    Sustenance    |    Sex


Emma Chamberlain’s Chamberlain Coffee recently launched carbon neutral K-cups. TikTok star Chris Olsen’s Flight Fuel is prioritizing partnering with carbon neutral third-party shipping companies to drive forward their efforts.

  • 82% of shipping customers are willing to pay more for zero-carbon shipping, up 11% from 2021.

Broc Shots encourages users to ship empty bottles to Terracycle, who turns recyclables into long-use items like desks and playground equipment. Bizzy Coffee recently announced their goal to upcycle 100% of their spent coffee grounds by 2025, as well as achieving carbon neutrality in the same year.


Remember the formula shortage that wiped out 40% of formula products on shelves in May 2022? Or the Enfamil recall of February 2023? Sure, birthrates were down by 1.15% in 2022, but the baby making market will always remain steady (see third trend).

Lacsnac Lactation Coffee and Bodily Lactation Lattes support busy mothers that need to be able to nourish their babies as well as themselves, in a simple way that can be tied into their daily routines

  • Moringa, oats, shatavari, and goat’s rue are among some of the ingredients that are commonly seen in products designed to offer lactation support.  

Mothers have tried using oat-based ice creams to boost their breastmilk supply. We haven’t seen oat-based ice creams marketed as beneficial to a healthy milk flow (yet) but brands like Majka and Boobie Superfoods put lactation front and center. Both brands are centered around helping moms get the nutrients they need to be able to boost their milk supply 


Brands are incorporating functional ingredients to support claims of improving a deflated libido, erectile dysfunction, and sensitivity below the belt, but it’s all about the positioning.  

Maude Libido gummies and Free Rain’s For Arousal are all about boosting passion while others, like Elm and Rye Libido gummies, are purely centered around performance enhancement. 

  • The global sexual wellness market size is expected to increase by $3.2 billion from 2020 to 2025, at a CAGR of 10.86%.
  • Ingredients like maca, damiana, fenugreek, and horny goat weed are popular in sexual wellness. 

Kourtney Kardashian’s recent launch from Lemme Live, Lemme fall in Love, is positioned to get you ready to “fall in love”, like Love Life’s Enhanced Intimacy Beverage.  

  • Humans will never stop searching for love (at least we hope not). Case in point: the number of dating app users reaching 323.9 million in 2021, growing by approximately 35% from 2020.3  

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