Powdered Drinks by Imbibe

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Success in powdered beverages requires effectively blending innovation and formulation capability with efficient manufacturing and economies of scale. Imbibe provides customers with a wide range of formulation capabilities, ranging from simple flavor combinations to more complex functional products such as energy, weight loss or immunity support. Imbibe’s manufacturing network allows us to offer multiple packaging options, such as 23mm/35mm sticks, gusseted, re-sealable pouches or multi-serve plastic tubes.

Check out some of the many options available with Imbibe’s control brand as examples!


  • Free Livin’ FreeLivin
    • Free Livin Stick Packs offer consumers the overwhelmingly preferred delivery system for single serve drink mixes and dietary supplement stick packs. The sugar free drink mix is available in Lemonade and Raspberry Lemonade flavors, and offers both compelling value for the consumer and gross margin opportunity for retailers.



  • NutriAidNutriAid lineup
    • NutriAid was created to promote and restore the basic balance of trace minerals found in the human body. By supplementing these trace minerals with carefully selected vitamins and other nutrients in our optimized dietary supplement formula, NutriAid helps to activate the ionized conductors of the body’s electrical current necessary to improve body function.
    • NutriAid is easier and more pleasant than traditional vitamins, dietary supplement pills or capsules. Add the contents of a NutriAid stick to 4-6 oz. water and enjoy the fruity, effervescent taste of this healthy blend of vitamins and minerals.


  • Wild Stallion FamilyFinalTransparent
    • A great tasting line of energy drinks whose horsepower comes from a potent combination of caffeine, taurine, guarana, and ginseng. Wild Stallion is available in electric green, gold trotter, orange mango, and tropical storm flavors – the complete flavor lineup, including our sugar-free formulation, offers the experience, value, and efficacy to satisfy nearly every energy drink palate.


  • KickStartKS_Family_Trans
    • KickStart stick packs are a portable line of dietary supplements that satisfy consumers’ high-priority functional needs: energy, hangover, virility, weight loss, and joint relief. Kick it into high gear with these functional bad boys!



  • Fit & Trim FitTrimFamily
    • Gone are the days of powdered beverages that taste like medicine – why would you want to replace a whole meal with that?? Fit & Trim is a satisfying meal replacement shake that is both nourishing and delicious!
    • Perfect for any place or time of the day, Fit & Trim is offered as three options, On-the-Go is served in a 12 oz. can, QuickServ is a single-serving powder mix and Lifestyles is a keep-at-home tub for everyday health. Fit & Trim is available in rich chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors.