Flavors of the Month: Blood Orange Yuzu and Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy

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Blood Orange Yuzu

Reminiscent of its classic citrus sisters, like mandarin oranges, grapefruits, and limes, Blood Orange has made its way into almost every beverage category. Nicely complemented by another tart and fragrant fruit, Yuzu (which has 3x more vitamin C than a lemon), the combination of this flavor pairing’s inherent health halo for boosting immunity and exotic appeal sets it up for success with consumers.  It has even grown by grown by 14.54% in social discussions over the past twelve months.1

58% of consumers showed interest in the flavor Blood Orange.2

Blood Orange/Yuzu-inspired market products:

           FOTM 2                                FOTM 1

Trending flavors for Blood Orange1
Marshmallow Pineapple Green Tea

Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy

As an undeniably fun pair, the Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy flavor delivers a modern twist to a nostalgic treat in a totally fantastical way (Both are quintessential fantasy flavors). Google searches for Cotton Candy increased by almost 10% in the six months ending July 2022.3 

Consumer interest for these flavors has inspired innovation in many markets including fruit snacks, alcoholic beverages, CSDs, sparkling water, candy, and much more. Traditional cotton candy is available in many flavors, from the traditional and accessible (strawberry, bubble gum, pink lemonade, watermelon, etc.) to alcoholish profiles for a more mature palate (merlot, pink champagne, bourbon, Irish cream, etc.), though there’s a significant gap in cotton candy twists in the beverage sector. 

#cottoncandy has 3.4B views on TikTok and #blueraspberry has 413.3M views.4


Blue Raspberry and/or Cotton Candy-inspired Products:


Trending flavors for Cotton Candy1
Marshmallow Pineapple Green Tea

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