Flavor Drop: Mixed Berry & Lemonade

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mixed berryThe Trend: True-to-Fruit

The Flavor: Mixed Berry

What’s better than the sweet, juicy flavor of blueberries? Dare I say Mixed Berries! Mixed Berry combines the nuanced flavor of various berries, from Blackberry to Strawberry, to provide a delicious fruit sensation. This fan favorite has popped up in recent dairy, soda, candy, and juice launches. Mixed Berry was among the top 20 fastest-growing flavors last year in the dairy and hot beverage category and the 20 fastest-growing flavors over the past three years in the water and cold beverage category.1 This summer, berries were the most popular fruit flavor in frozen yogurt, followed by Lemonade2, and Mixed Berry ruled the dietary fiber gummies market with a revenue share of 24.5% in 20223.

Tasting notes from our Flavorists: fresh, ripe, harmonious blend of sweet and tart, variety creates added depth and complexity like earthiness or luscious sweetness

Mixed Berry-inspired market products:
sunny d mixed berryharibo berry cloudschobani mixed berry zero sugardole mixed berry probioticviva stix mixed berry
Mixed Berry Limeade, Berry Clouds, Mixed Berry, Mixed Berry, Mixed Berry
Perfect Pairings from our Flavorists
Citrus Mint creamCream


The Trend: Nostalgia

The Flavor: Lemonade

Harkening back to playful childhood days in the sun, some consumers associate Lemonade with a sense of wholesomeness and nostalgia. The satisfying combination of sweet and sour is a staple thirst-quenching flavor that kids and adults alike continue to crave. In fact, Pink Lemonade was one of the 20 fastest-growing flavors over the past year in the water and cold beverage category.1 Moreover, 36% of US restaurants offer Lemonade on their menus.4 A few spring and summer launches include 7-11’s Hibiscus Lemonade Slurpee, Haagen-Dazs’ frozen lemonades in Raspberry and Strawberry flavors, and Arby’s Market Fresh Blueberry Lemonade. As more consumers become health conscious, sugar reduction and added nutrients are popping up in lemonade. Interestingly, 46% of US adults believe that added functional ingredients make up for the sugar content in juice.5 Meanwhile, protein lemonade has been trending on TikTok, with creators sharing videos of the new protein powder twist as a healthier alternative to frozen lemonade desserts and beverages.

Tasting notes from our Flavorists: bright and zesty aroma, burst of tartness followed by well-balanced sweetness

Lemonade-inspired Products:

sprite lymonade legacy sour patch lemonade festtropicana zero sugar passionfruit lemonade escapesmirnoff blue raspberry lemonadebeyond raw lit iced tea lemonade

Lemon-Lime/Strawberry/Lemonade, Lemonade, Passionfruit Lemonade, Blue Raspberry Lemonade, Iced tea Lemonade 
Perfect Pairings from our Flavorists
mixed berryMixed Berry gingerGinger lavenderLavender
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