Flavor Drop: Mango & Limeade

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The Trend: Tropical

The Flavor: Mango

Ah…If only we could bottle those island vacation sensations of warm breezes, soft water, and relaxation. Imagine sipping on a sweet and refreshing tropical fruit beverage as your stress melts away. Not only do tropical flavors provide a delicious escape from the ordinary, but some are associated with health and wellness. When searching for “mango fruit” people also search for benefits of Mango for hair, skin, and weight loss.1 Sales of mangoes increased by 0.6% in 2022 and mangoes are among the top 20 most popular fruits (and top 10 most popular tropical fruits) in the U.S., based on the percent of households that made purchases last year.2 Meanwhile, Mangonada, a sought-after Mexican frozen dessert beverage made of mango, chamoy, and Tajin (chili-lime seasoning), grew 100% on menus in 2022 and was named among the top trends to watch for in 2023.3 This year, Dutch Bros launched their Mangonada Rebel in over 700 restaurant locations, Wetzel’s Pretzles partnered with Tajín for its LTO Guava Mangonada beverage, and the Chicago White Sox announced the launch of Levy Restaurants Mangonada at their ballpark’s Huntington Bank Stadium Club.

Tasting notes from our Flavorists: rich and succulent sweetness, subtle undertones of ripe peach

Mango-inspired market products:
Mango, Mango Cream, Mango Jalapeno, Mango, Mango Mule
Perfect Pairings from our Flavorists
Coconut Mint Pineapple

The Trend: Global-inspired

The Flavor: Limeade

Limes may be well adopted in America, with Key Lime Pie being the official pie of Florida, but the global inspiration from the classic lime recipes and varietals of other countries continues to excite our palates with unique and novel flavors, especially when their natural tartness is balanced with a bit of sweet. In fact, Lime was one of the 20 fastest growing flavors last year in the dairy and hot beverage category and has been among the top 10 flavors for the past five years in the water and cold beverage category.4 Limonada, a vibrant creamy beverage also known as Brazilian Lemonade, has been trending on social media this summer and traditionally uses sweetened condensed milk in combination with whole limes, sugar, and ice. Aguas Frescas, made primarily from fresh fruits or veggies and lime juice, hail from Mexico and other Latin countries and have found their way to many North American menus and households. When searching for “limeade” people also search for mint limeade, strawberry limeade, and sugar-free limeade.1

Tasting notes from our Flavorists: vibrant, zesty, citrusy, a harmonious blend of tart and sweet

Limeade-inspired Products:

Strawberry Limeade, Cherry Limeade, Lime, Hibiscus Lime, Cherry Limeade 
Perfect Pairings from our Flavorists
Strawberry Basil Raspberry
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