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Hardships over the past 20 months have inspired consumers to pay closer attention to their mental health. Stress and anxiety are hard on our minds, and cause fatigue, hormonal imbalance, and possibly a negative effect on sexual performance (or desire). Consumers are looking to food and beverage to facilitate all kinds of mood regulation, including getting in the right mood for the bedroom. We’ve seen sex toys more widely marketed and talk of sex positivity garner attention throughout various media. Functional ingredients are of significant interest to consumers and we expect the demand for products that support getting frisky to pick up steam in the next two to five years.

For Lust    |    For Love

Our understanding of aphrodisiacs is derived from folklore, mythology, and superstitions that date back to ancient times. However, the sexual revolution has ignited interest beyond classic oysters, chocolate, and chili peppers when looking to heat things up. Consumers seeking food and beverages to handle specific needs is driving the expected 6.4% CAGR of the global functional ingredient market through 2027.* Brands are utilizing ingredients such as maca, damiana, horny goat weed, and more to support claims of improving a deflated libido, erectile dysfunction, and sensitivity below the belt. This trend is multifaceted, with some brands using the included functional ingredients to position their products as pure performance enhancers, while others are concentrating on being a remedy for a lack of intimacy.

*Grandview Research

For Lust

Goop has been a trailblazer for the empowerment of women and acknowledges their sexual health as a priority. While they’ve brought us a variety of toys and candles that revolve around sexual wellness, their latest launch, DTF, dropped in October. It’s a dietary supplement that promises to bring users more desire for sexual pleasure, arousal, and mood enhancement. The three-ingredient capsule includes Libifem fenugreek extract, shatavari, and saffron extract. Although this product is positioned for women’s health, fenugreek is popularly sought after to raise testosterone levels in men.

Goop DTF

Free Rain’s enhanced sparkling water was released earlier this year and packs 500mg of maca per can and claims to nourish the libido, enhance sexual energy, and support hormonal balance. Maca is among the most popular ingredients for sexual health.

Free Rain

Made from a blend of horny goat weed, maca root extract, and ashwagandha, House of Wise Sex Gummies are aimed at increasing blood flow, energy, and stamina. In order to get the full benefits, consumers are instructed to take one serving 30 to 60 minutes prior to engaging in sexual activities. The CBD brand launched these gummies along with a serum earlier this year. One pack includes 10 gummies, each containing 30 calories, 4g of sugar, and 15mg of CBD.

House of Wise Sex Gummies

A veteran in this arena, Sex Dust by Moon Juice was released in 2016 and was popularized after being featured on Goop. This blend of super herbs has a smoky cacao flavor, touts 0g of sugar, and is meant to be mixed into food or beverages. The vegan herbal supplement is characterized as “adaptogens on fire” using maca extract, horny goat weed, shatavari root powder, and schisandra to boost energy, fight stress, and combat loss of vigor.

Moon Juice Sex Dust

Another supplement that comes in capsule form is Obvi Lust. In a campaign themed around Valentine’s Day, the mood-improving and pleasure-enhancing product was launched in February 2021. This dietary supplement’s ingredient panel incorporates a considerable combination of functional ingredients for sexual health including red clover, tribulus, maca extract, bacopa extract, horny goat weed, fenugreek extract, and damiana powder, to name a few.

For Love
Deep Love Deep Rose

Deep Love’s website states their “Deep Rose” SKU evokes the experience of love and passion. This floral lemonade contains nothing that is recognized for improving any area of sexual health. The claim for increased affection or excitement is solely based on the traditional association roses have with romance.


A different approach in this category comes from Essensecip’s Sip of Love, an organic libido enhancing tea. Included in every box are 25 tea bags that carry a blend of horny goat weed, ginger, goji berries, eucommia leaf, cinnamon bark, lemongrass, and liquorice root. This product is founded in a popular tenet of Chinese medicine – the premise that through the kidneys, good energy supports hormonal balance, which in turn sends off signals from your senses. The tea is also suggested to enhance the libido, stabilize sexual feeling, and enhance your mood.

Love Life

Moonlight Beverage relaunched Love Life Sparkling Romance in September 2021. The enhanced intimacy beverage comes in a 12 fl oz. serving and is Cosmo flavored. They claim their proprietary blend of amino acids (L-arginine, L-citrulline and taurine) boosts the body’s natural production of nitric oxide, which optimizes blood flow to the right places. Consumers are advised to drink on an empty stomach and 30 minutes prior to doing the deed.

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