Imbibe CCO Speaking at Cannabis Drinks Expo

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The cannabis beverage space is growing despite its unique set of challenges, the most notable of which is creating a stable, great-tasting beverage, that delivers the desired results. Alongside a full roster of engaging sessions at The Cannabis Drink Expo, Imbibe Chief Commercial Officer and EVP, Andy Dratt, will be discussing the considerations and challenges that come with formulating cannabis-infused drinks. Taking the stage at Morgan MFG in Chicago at 2 pm CST on Tuesday, August 1, listeners will get an overview of some alternatives to smoking and edibles from a veteran of the beverage industry. Dratt’s expertise is drawn from over 20 years of experience in the F&B industry, working with brands both entrepreneurial and at multinational corporations, to bring their products to life and remain successful in a highly competitive market.

While addressing taste, one of the top concerns in the cannabis beverage market right now, Andy will also be talking about how brands can leverage current trends to resonate with consumers in 2023 and beyond. With global adoption of the cannabis beverage market expected to increase at a CAGR of 17% over the next 10 years, it’s important for brands to continue growing intrigue and ultimately cement these infused beverages into the routines of consumers, whether daily or more recreationally – depending on their preferred cannabinoid (Future Market Insights).

Andy Dratt’s presentation, “Navigating the Cannabis Beverage Frontier: Formulating for the Future,” provides the keys to success for brands interested in propelling the cannabis industry forward.

For those interested in what Andy has to share, check out The Cannabis Drink Expo on August 1, 2023, or click here to learn more.