Formulating with Immunity Ingredients – Not Immune to Roadblocks 

Angela Skubal, a Senior Scientist at Imbibe, has been able to support the development of many functional food and beverage products during her time in the industry. Recently, she took part in the [...]

Highlights from Imbibe’s 2020 beverage trend predictions

Imbibe Inc., a beverage development company, has release its beverage trend predictions for 2020. According to Imbibe, many of these trends will be driven by health and wellness. Current ideas of [...]

The Immunity Opportunity

While beverage companies have been formulating with vitamins and minerals for years, like vitamin D and vitamin C used in milks and juices, respectively, for decades, technological advancements [...]

Functional Beverages Going Back to the Basics (Part II)

In case you didn’t catch part 1 on nutrient-rich functional beverages, click here. That article might have left you wondering about the ingredients that are inherently rich in these in-demand [...]

Personalization among top 2020 beverage trends

Beverage nutrition is going back to the basics, according to Imbibe’s newly released 2020 trend predictions. The Chicago-based beverage development company expects more companies will incorporate [...]

Functional Beverages Going Back to the Basics (Part I)

Beverage brands have been trying to stay on top of industry trends by incorporating novel ingredients like adaptogens, cannabidiol and collagen into products. While these types of ingredients [...]

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