The Organic Food and Beverage Supply Chain: Stretching to Meet Demand

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Organic Challenges

Companies looking to offer organic products may face unique challenges, particularly if a formulation requires an ingredient that doesn’t have an organic alternative. “A finished product must contain at least 95 percent organic-certified ingredients by weight in order to obtain the USDA organic seal,” explained Guy Affolaby, Imbibe’s manager of regulatory affairs. “The remaining 5 percent of the ingredients have to be organic-compliant or fall within the allowable synthetic ingredients listed by the National Organic Program (NOP). There are several guidelines an ingredient must align with to be considered organic-compliant. Common ingredients like citric acid, vitamins, minerals, juice concentrates, purees and botanical extracts are technically allowed to be part of the 5 percent non-organic portion, but their usage level affects the organic calculations.”

Additionally, Affolaby cautioned products making a 100 percent organic claim must not only contain ingredients certified 100 percent organic, but also be processed with equipment that meets the organic requirements.

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